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Sex In Zimbabwe

The Cheater

A Woman from Mbare, Perseverance Mabota’s marriage ended abruptly after her affair with a neighbour came to light 12 Sept 2013.  Perseverance Mabota, 22, was forced to heave her one yr marriage with a Caleb Neganje, 26, after receiving a cellphone handset (a gift) from her lover, also married.

Perseverance could not state where she got the Nokia Asha, leading to the exposure.  Caleb yesterday said he wished he had married a witch rather than the cheating whore of a wife then threw Perseverance’s clothes at her neighbour’s Cosmas Madure!

The rumor is that Cosmas reportedly bought the Nokia Asha that had passed through many hands in the neighbourhood leading to the discovery of the illicit affair. Romantic messages were found leaving Perseverance with no excuse and she was forced to pack her belongings during the day as residents called her names..”H%re” “You B*t*h!!”


It is understood that Caleb took Perseverance’s phone and enquired from his friends about how to access information leading to the discovery of the ilicit affair. “Unoona Wangu Calebtook his wife’s phone to his friends for help in accessing messages and this is where he was told that the phone had passed through their hands.”


“Mai Keisha vaingobuda mumba mavo vpoindapanext door and Cosmas used his friends in buying Caleb beer so that he would arrive home late.” Caleb confirmed the incident saying he is still to believe why Perseverance was cheating on him. They have a 7 month old baby. Hapana chihure chiopfuur pakadaro – says Caleb.


Meantime, Perseverance shot back and blamed Caleb for co-habiting with her without paying lobola before denying the allegations. He has paid nothing to my parents. No lobola. I will not go back to him coz he threw me out with my belongings accused me of cheating with my neighbour. Cosmas is our neighbour I never cheated with him. She goes on to say Caleb is a drug dealer and has been convicted many times but I never unearthed his drug dealings in front of our neighbours. These are false allegations, says Perseverance.


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