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Oscar Pistorius trial – South Africa

The Oscar Pistorius Trail – South Africa

Do you think Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva?

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“Reeva had already died while I was holding her, before the ambulance arrived so I knew there was nothing more I could do for her,” Pistorius tells the court in a tremulous voice. There are long pauses as he struggles for composure.
Pistorius says he sat in the pantry against the washing machine. He couldn’t look at Steenkamp around the corner because each time he got sick. He was told to go to the garage where the police photographer asked him to take his clothes off. He spent several hours there. A policeman subsequently told him he was under arrest. He was told to keep his head down as there was a lot of media.
Yesterday was the most wrenching moment of the trial yet as Pistorius described the moments leading up to the shooting of Steenkamp. Half sobbing, half speaking, he said he grabbed the pistol he kept under the bed after hearing the sound of a window sliding in the bathroom. He said he went to the bathroom, all the while screaming for Steenkamp to call the police.

He described how the couple retired to his bedroom after a quiet evening. He fell asleep but woke up and brought in two fans from his balcony, then heard a noise, he said. “That’s the moment everything changed,” he told the court. “I thought that there was a burglar that was gaining entry to my home.”

The session has begun. Pistorius describes entering the toilet and kneeling down over Steenkamp.