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Apparently, a few billion dollars doesn’t buy what it used to. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, whose net worth is estimated at $2.7 billion, was caught on camera talking on an old school flip phone during Saturday’s Notre Dame-Arizona State game at Cowboys Stadium.       Sure, Jones is 70 years old, but he could […]
  A Kwekwe man was yesterday slapped with a 10-year jail sentence for kidnapping a four-year-old girl at Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church service in the town and later demanding a US$40 000 ransom. Andrew Musarurwa (23), Rumbidzai Chimimba (20) and a 17-year-old boy, all of Kwekwe’s Mbizo high-density suburb, were arrested a […]
  You know the old saying: “Only fools rush in.” Well, this goes for kissing as much as anything else (even for the spontaneous kiss… I’ll discuss how just below). A rushed kiss is a bad kiss, plain and simple. Picture a guy in a movie who’s got to go save the world, who grabs […]
5 Tips for Guys In Dating 1. Grow up and stop looking at porn. It will ruin you, your relationship, and your capacity for intimacy in the future. 2. Don’t play games. Make your intentions known early. There should be no guessing from the girl on whether or not you like her. If you are pursuing her, […]
Many women seem to think that just because nothing obvious was bad about a date, that a man should be interested and attracted to her and want to go out again… or else something was wrong with him. Maybe they think that a few more “okay” dates would cause him to open his eyes and […]
I had been married for three years when I had a fling with my neighbour last year. My husband worked long hours and never showed me any affection. When my neighbour moved in we hit it off immediately and had lots of things in common. He’s a carpenter and often popped round to do jobs […]
A Woman from Mbare, Perseverance Mabota’s marriage ended abruptly after her affair with a neighbour came to light 12 Sept 2013.  Perseverance Mabota, 22, was forced to heave her one yr marriage with a Caleb Neganje, 26, after receiving a cellphone handset (a gift) from her lover, also married. Perseverance could not state where she got […]