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Uebert Angel Suing Supersport For $1.5 Million

So the news came out the other week that charismatic Zimbabwean chruch leader Uebert Angek Mudzanire will be suing Multichoice’s Supersport for $1.5 million.

This stems fro an article published on the site which claimed Angel had ‘prophesied’ that Liverpool Football Club would return to their former glory, something interpreted by many as the fact that they would win the premier league title.

Angel says the article was defamatory and could result in him losing followers. He said:

These reported words are completely fallacious and unbeknown to the plaintiff and will defame him when the alleged prediction does not come to pass.

The suit was filed before the High Court in Harare.

Do we have an opinion on this? Yes we do.  Will we give it?  Probably not. Yes, we are totally taking the Jose Mourinho route and saying we are not going to say anything. Not that we are saying Angel said what he is denying. Not at all. Just that we might get into trouble for a suggestion either way.

Of course if Supersport has been a bit naughty then, they should pay for it.

What happens if Liverpool win the title though?

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)