sex in the city

I left my husband for neighbour now I regret


Having an affair

I had been married for three years when I had a fling with my neighbour last year. My husband worked long hours and never showed me any affection. When my neighbour moved in we hit it off immediately and had lots of things in common.

He’s a carpenter and often popped round to do jobs and I ended up confiding in him about how unhappy I was with my husband, who was devastated.

I moved in with my neighbour in a different town a couple of miles away from where I lived with my husband. But soon we started arguing. He seemed so much fun compared to my husband, who worked hard and didn’t go out much. And yet my new boyfriend is the opposite – he goes out all the time and never has any regular work. I can see now that I’ve made a huge mistake.

I’d do anything to get my husband back and really regret leaving him. I emailed him recently and arranged to meet for lunch. I told him how I felt he said I’d embarrassed and hurt him too much to ever patch things up. I guess there is no turning back.

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